Products Overview

i-Velozity makes the delivery of high-value content affordable through the use of our advanced software allowing video delivery by either IP or QAM and the use of off-the-shelf hardware. This allows us to offer our on-site video servers and back office software at a cost that is an order-of-magnitude less than tradition VoD solutions.

Set-top boxes
For standalone and Internet-only subscribers i-Velozity has developed an interactive framework on an Android-based platform. Our main product lines are IP-based Android set-tops, Android IPTV boxes and hybrid IP / RF QAM set-tops.

Providing VoD Solutions for Cable & Telco
i-Velozity works with your middleware or our server can support operation of the VoD service.

  • Subscription Management System with end-to-end solution including Billing, CRM, Service Fulfillment and more
  • DVB Application with Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Network Digital Video Recorder (n-DVR)
  • Support Ticket Tool
  • Marketing Tool
  • IVZ play store