July 14th 2015 | News

i-velozity to Exhibit at NCTC Independent Cable Show (19-22 July 2015)

i-velozity today announced that it will exhibit at the National Cable Television Cooperative's (NCTC) annual Independent Cable Show, in Boston City, MA, July 19-22, 2015.

The i-velozity display at NCTC will focus on the Company's overall value proposition to medium and small operators.

"We enable cable companies to create new renvenue generating services centered around our innovative VoD at compelling price points".

About I-velozity
   i-Velozity develops and sells innovative VoD solutions for cable and Telco markets. i-Velozity's innovative and cost-effective VoD service brings the best on-demand video experience within the reach of most cable operators and telcos in North America.