Solutions For Cable


Are you witnessing little growth or no growth at all from your broadcast TV services? Are your customers moving to DTH services?

Our "Value Added Services" platform, deployed in your network, will enable you to offer innovative new services that will generate new revenues. We have conducted extensive research and identified specific "Value Added Services" that the consumer will be willing to pay for. These new services have been implemented on top of our platform. We have licensed content that is available on our platform that is otherwise not available on TV. We have created new business models that are win-win-win. Some of the services that are gaining traction in the marketplace are: Simple Gaming, VoIP, Chat on TV and local shopping network services.

We can identify portfolio of value added services for your target market, deploy the services and run them for you. We can leverage your existing networks and assets. If you are interested in exploring more on how we can work together, please contact us.