Solutions For Hospitality


If you are a Builder and looking to add amenities and services that will simplify the busy life of your future residents, we can help. We can design, deploy and operate triple play and value added services in your building and communities. Key services we can offer to your future residents include:

  • Cable TV service
  • Broadband Internet - Wire line Wireless
  • VoIP
  • Video on Demand
  • Music on Demand
  • Games on Demand
  • Educational content on demand (coming soon!)
  • Network based Personal Video Recorder
  • Email, SMS and Chat on TV without PC
  • Internet access on TV without PC
  • Content harvesting from Internet
  • T-Shopping-shop from neighborhood stores using TV
  • Bill payment services using TV

We can provide consistent, high quality services for all your buildings and communities through our "one stop shop" model. Our service components can be pre-installed into the units which will take out the hassles associated with individual residents getting cable connection, Internet connection, rent DVDs etc.

Our motto is to simplify and enrich the living experience of the resident in your building/community.

If you would like to see these how our services can simplify life, please contact us and we will be glad to arrange a demo for you.