i-velozity Business Model

i-Velozity has developed high-quality, high-capacity video streaming components that run on standard-level data center hardware. The result is a solution that has a low cost of entry combined with Opex-based recurring pricing.

Content is provided by vubiquity

  • Major motion pictures
  • Library titles
  • Free content
  • Subscription Video on Demand (S-VOD) available

i-Velozity allows operators to scale an advanced services rollout to fit any local economics

  • i-Velozity enables advanced services and charges a few $ per month per subscriber
  • About $10K upfront for CO/headend infrastructure
  • For IP and cable networks, low-cost set-top boxes (sub $150) that enable advanced services. Our solution also works on some existing set-tops

i-Velozity’s solution includes a subscriber management system that integrates with your billing system to provide seamless revenue assurance

  • Solution for Cable
  • Solution for Telco
  • Solution for Builder
  • Solution for Hotels