Our "Low cost VoD" platform, deployed in your network, will enable you to offer innovative new services that will generate new recurring revenue. We have created new business models that are win-win-win. We can leverage your existing networks and assets.

On our platform, we offer a full line of VoD content offerings from Vubiquity including:
  • Premium VoD - current titles offered for immediate viewing. Often available weeks ahead of Internet-based VoD platforms
  • Free VoD
  • Subscription VoD (Coming Soon!)
  • View Now - up to 2000 titles available to subscribers for a low monthly fee

Our offering

  • Low cost VoD Platform
  • 10TB-12TB storage capacity delivering 2500-3000 hours of MPEG4 SD and HD content. Additional storage capacity available per operators request
  • Content Refreshed over the Internet
  • Enhance revenue opportunities beyond the digital tier
  • RF and IP VoD delivery systems available
  • Operators can add their own Local Content to the platform
  • Vubiquity's "View Now" Multiplatform Subscription VoD (Coming Soon!)
    • Large library from 350+ programmers
    • DVD release date Movies - in MPEG4 HD & SD
  • Subscription Management System with end-to-end solution including Billing, CRM, Service Fulfillment and more
  • Subscription VoD (Coming Soon!)
  • Working with NCTC to offer WTVE on the platform!
  • i-Velozity billing integration and marketing support included
  • Integrates with Minerva iTVFusion and Entone STBs
  • An Android powered OTT box to target Internet-only or standalone customers
  • Hybrid IP+QAM Set Top Box (Coming soon)


  • Low cost platform combines VoD and Internet content
  • Fully managed, operator branded service!
  • Enhanced revenue opportunities
  • Attract / Retain customers through bundled offerings
  • No cost Market Trial opportunities
  • Add local access VoD content storage
  • Vubiquity "View Now" & SVoD (Coming Soon!)
  • Works on RF and IP networks
  • Integration solutions available with Minerva, Entone and others
Value for Cable Operators